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People we hate when we have infants. 

Aloha beauties, If you’ve stumbled across my blog before you’ll know my love of lists is beyond my control. Here’s another for you guys.  This list is dedicated to all those people who make my blood boil as a mum to an under one year old. In the hopes that if you come under this… Continue reading People we hate when we have infants. 

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Today’s look

Aloha Beauties, For today’s look I’ve tried to incorporate a rustic red/ yellow under tone to the edges of a smoked eye. I wish I had a better camera and some decent lighting as the pictures just doesn’t do it’s justice. The colours were blended well but my camera isn’t all that great. As you… Continue reading Today’s look

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New instagram account

Aloha beauties, Yesterday I decided to take the plunge and start actually using my instagram account. I went a little cray cray with pictures of my princess, so if you like to see pictures of a total cutie pie, head on over to www.instagram.com/en_ay_tee Here’s a little taster  That’s right everyone, that is a baby,… Continue reading New instagram account

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Today’s look

Aloha Beauties, I hope this blogpost finds you all to be fandabbydosey (love that word.) Since I had a lot of likes from my previous ‘today’s look’ blog I figured I’d post another. Definitely different to what I usually wear during the autumnal period as it’s more of a summer look. Instead of dark lips… Continue reading Today’s look

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10 things I’ve learnt as a mom (6months +)

Aloha Beauties, I’ve decided to add that little bracket into the title of this post because the things you learn as a mom builds up over time. Well of course it does that’s obvious, but I’ve learnt a lot in the last couple of months alone. In a couple of days my daughter will be… Continue reading 10 things I’ve learnt as a mom (6months +)

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50 Facts about me

My full name is Natalie Charmaine Cassandra Phyllis Carroll, I think my parents secretly hate me! I used to be able to speak Welsh fluently, but because I never used it I’ve forgotten most of it. I never liked the Lion King when I was younger and so I’ve never watched the full film. I hear… Continue reading 50 Facts about me

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My military diet diary

Aloha beauties, I hope this post finds you well! As you can see by the post title, the following postal entry is my own experience of the military diet. Let’s start with the basic, my weight. As it stands my weight is 140lbs/ 10 stone. I’m not overweight but I am uncomfortable. I’ve always been… Continue reading My military diet diary

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Lipsy Knits & Dior Lips – My Mini TXMaxx Haul 

Since early February of this year, the hearts of Swansea, Wales were torn apart as their favourite discounted designer store closed its doors. Thankfully it had plans to reopen at a later date and at a different location. High praises, the time finally came for the store to reopen. Brilliant. Except the store had been… Continue reading Lipsy Knits & Dior Lips – My Mini TXMaxx Haul 

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My party look (from the weekend) 

Aloha Beauties, Evidentially my plan to post something everyday for the month of October did not work out as good as I had hoped. Of course it comes as no major shock since it’s pretty hard to be able to post every 24hours, but I still feel disappointed in myself.  As my laptop is having… Continue reading My party look (from the weekend)