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How to | Roasted pumpkin seeds

As I mentioned in a previous post, at some point this month it will be a little too hectic for me to upload a blog earlier in the day. Today is one of them days.

I’m a little excited this month for one thing and one thing only. okay actually I get excited about pretty much everything but still… pumpkins! I know I’m going off topic with my usual beauty or baby chat but since they wont be around for as long as I would want them to be, it’s up to me to make the post of this ‘pumpkin time’.

Yes, I know you can buy  pumpkin puree in a tin and you can most probably get your hands on roasted pumpkin seeds in your local supermarket, but there is just something much more special about food when it’s home cooked.

So as the title mentions todays post will be all about the insides of the pumpkins. the seeds. Now I don’t know about you but I have never thought twice about keeping the seeds to one side. Usually in my house when we carve our jack-0-lanters we throw all the insides away. Not this time. Like I said.. making the most of pumpkin time here!!

So here goes,

Ingredients needed
Pumpkin seeds,
Olive Oil,
(chilli too if your feeling adventurous)

Step one – once you’ve gutted your pumpkin, you then want to separate the seeds from the stringy bits. Give them a quick run under the tap, drain off excess water and then dry them with a kitchen towel.

Step Two – lay them flat on a baking tray and place in the oven for 3o minutes at 400 degrees/ Gas mark 6. This will dry out your seeds and make them yummy and crispy.

Step Three – take your seeds out and sprinkle over a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Make sure to cover all seeds evenly. You can also add your chilli at this point as well if that’s what you’ve opted!


Step Four – Back in the over for ten minutes and then they’re done!!

So it’s a little different to what I usually do but I had so much fun making this and they’re so yummy I couldn’t wait to share. I’ve also got a few more pumpkin recipes coming up this month so keep your eyes peeled.

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