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50 Facts about me

  1. My full name is Natalie Charmaine Cassandra Phyllis Carroll, I think my parents secretly hate me!
  2. I used to be able to speak Welsh fluently, but because I never used it I’ve forgotten most of it.
  3. I never liked the Lion King when I was younger and so I’ve never watched the full film. I hear good things about it and my best friend almost disowned me for this one but yeah it’s true.
  4. I have never been to a music concert and I feel like I’m missing out on life!
  5. I’m  a Gemini
  6. I have a Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management.
  7. My favourite colour is blue, like every shade!
  8. I have a daughter called Cerys, I talk about her a lot but I tend to call her princess.
  9. I couldn’t swim until I was about 14. I can barely swim now so standing in the deep end of a pool is quite fearful for me.
  10. I was deeply offended when my Hogwarts letter didn’t arrive.
  11. Ellie Goulding is not my cup of tea.
  12. My favourite Youtuber is Joe Sugg
  13. I could probably watch Lee Evans over and over and over.
  14. if I could glitter my entire house I would.
  15. when I was in school I wanted to be a pilot, but my head of year told me that I didn’t have the voice for it. I kinda guess I saved myself a small fortune there!
  16. leaving a door open when you’ve left/ entered the room sends shivers down my spine. just. shut. the. door.
  17. I’ve never been in a clique. I hate them. Why can’t we all be friends? I’m not saying I like everyone in this world because there are some cray cray bitches out there but like in a place of work why are there so many people talking shit about others, like be nice people.
  18. I’ve never been in a fight.
  19. I’ve been winging my eyeliner since I was 14. you’d think id be pro by now. nope.
  20. my eyesight is terrible.
  21. I passed my test at 17, drove for three months then gave it up because it gave me really bad anxiety.
  22. following on from fact 21, I’m been back driving now for a couple of months. yaay.
  23. I’m a summer ’91 baby,  which means I am 25.
  24. I love tattoos on other people but I would never get one myself. That level of commitment is just too much! I’d get bored after a day!
  25. I pierced my own septum, twice.
  26. I don’t understand why Captian America has his own film. he’s my least favourite super hero.
  27. Iron man though, he’s probably my favourite.
  28. I hate lipgloss.
  29. if I could go out to the shops in full night glam makeup I would.
  30. I like Dogs more than Cats.
  31. If I like a film, I have to by it on DVD. I will then not watch that film until it comes on TV but it’s nice to own it!
  32. I watched nearly all of Vampire Diaries, and I don’t even like it!
  33. Hot and Sour Soup is my favourite food.
  34.  I hate speaking on the phone but I work in a call centre.
  35. I work for a holiday company, won’t say which one though!
  36. I have anxiety when I buy new clothes in case I find something I like even more.
  37. I love all food except one, but some foods I don’t like unless there cooked a certain way. e.g tomatoes have to be warm not cold. custard must never be in a tart but is acceptable poured over spongecake.
  38. The one food I hate is beetroot.
  39. When I was younger though, the only thing I would eat was chocolate and hot dogs. not together obvs!
  40. I am the youngest of four children!
  41. I’ve never broken a bone in my body.
  42. I cant remember what the first film I watched in the theater was because I went so often as a child. I lived opposite the cinema.
  43. I don’t smoke. I tried it once and I didn’t like it.
  44. I would much rather shop online because I get to use more money off codes that way. more money off more things to buy!
  45. I’ve never had a nickname.
  46. I didnt cry at Marley and me. Soz
  47. I much prefer to give gifts than to receive.
  48. I used to manage a cocktail bar
  49. I love Pandora rings, but I hate wearing them.
  50. I’ve been blogging now for 3 weeks!