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52 week blog challenge – week 1

Hey beauties, 

I have decided to commit to something and for anyone who knows me, knows that commitment is not my forte.

I change my mind too easy but since I’ve started blogging I’m becoming a different person. Which is why I’ve decided to take the plunge and commit to a 52 weeks of blogging tag. 

Without further a do, let’s kick start this blogging challenge. 

Want to take part? Keep reading!!

Week one – Meet my best friend

What makes a great friend? For some it’s the instant bond you have when you realise you hate the same person. For others, it’s a shared love for wine and whine nights. There are many reasons behind that perfect friendship. Let me tell you about mine. 

The first time I met my best friend, we didn’t exactly hit it off. It was my first shift at a nightclub. I worked on the same bar as her. She’d worked there for a while and since I was the new girl she assumed she’d have to teach me the ropes. Little did she know, i had two years experience more than what she had. We didn’t like each other much but we didn’t really give each other a chance. 

That was all set to change, when one shift at Oceana, we both had early finishes. Instead of heading home, I wanted to stay out for a drink or two. Beth had the same idea. I can’t remember who said it first but we both looked at each other with inquisitive eyes and said, “bar?”. We instantly bonded over our love of captain Morgan spiced rum. We chatted shit for hours and realised that we had a lot more in common. From that point on we realised… we were meant to be friends. 

I’ve seen more of her than I should have. She was one of the first people to learn I was going to be a mother. We both have a shared love of doctor who, Harry Potter and pulling unflattering faces instead of troutpouting. We’ve had two amazing holidays together. She makes great food (winner). Is a great person to turn to when I need advice and has a big heart. 

The best thing about being friends with this girl? Her filthy sense of humour and innuendos get me through the day and if I need her.. she’ll be there! 

I love her. 

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That’s all from me today. Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks favourites. 

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Lots of love 

NatalieCharmaine xx