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Finally! Decorations are up!Β 

Aloha Beauties, 

Okay, so it finally happened. I got bit by the Christmas bug and decided that now is an appropriate time to put my decorations up. 

Before hand I always think, I can’t be bothered for this. Now that I’ve completed the task, I am entirely in the Christmas spirit. 😍

Might even push the boat out and have a Christmas movie as this evenings entertainment. πŸ™Œ 

First I had to tackle the Christmas tree. I’ve always grown up with real Christmas trees I’d pick out with My family. Since, I now have my own little family that consists of me, my partner and a less than one year old who decides that anything that she can hold is edible, a real tree is out of the question. It’s a shame because the smell of Christmas is not going to be the same but I couldn’t risk my princess chocking on the trees needles. No thanks. So an artificial tree it has to be. 

Honestly, I hate it! But it’s better than nothing! My colour scheme is basically rainbow. Back to when I was a child, my parents always had colourful decorations and ornaments that were handed down. It was never just one or two colours but every single colour you could think of. That’s the way I like it. I know I know. Each to their own!! 

Another family tradition? Foil garlands! Yes! You read that right. Every year without fail, I add my foil garlands on the ceilings. Most of you will be cursing at the screen right now. Hardly anyone puts these up anymore but I honestly couldn’t have Christmas without them. They just make my house so much more Christmasy and I love it! 

That’s it for Today! Come on then guys, tell me…what’s your Christmas decoration traditions? What’s your favourite Christmas colours? And what’s your opinion on foil garlands? Let me know in the comments! 

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Lots of christmasy love

NatalieCharmaine xx