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I built a gingerbread house! 

Aloha Beauties,

Yeaterday I placed my weekly shop with asda. I always have great service so I always go back and reorder online. A little different this week though, I decided to add a gingerbread house kit to my basket. 

My shopping arrived, no problems apart from a product replacement. My gingerbread kit. Damn. Okay no worries I’ll accept the alternative gingerbread kit. Still a house just not as good. 

After putting my shopping away, I eagerly get out my gingerbread kit. If you know me and who I am as a person. Arts and crafts is my thing, but add food to the mix and I’m anyone’s! 

So here’s the kit, before opening. 

The box is a little smaller than I thought. At this point I’m praying that the gingerbread has already been made. I know the one that I ordered first was already made so I was hoping that this would be the same. 


I will be making my own gingerbread soon but I kind of hoped that for this I would just have to decorate. Not that I hate to bake. I actually love cooking, unfortunately as my first attempt at constructing a house of biscuit I didn’t want to have the job of creating each individual piece. Why? Well if one piece cracked or one piece wasn’t straight enough…there goes my edible dreams. 

Not to matter, I put my positive socks on and got on with the show. 

100g of golden syrup and 70g of butter, over a low heat until all has melted. (Thankfully I had those ingredients.) once melted I then combined the bag of dry ingredients until a dough formed. 

To make the sides of the house I had to cut the shapes from the box itself. Roll out 5mm width dough and then cut around those shapes. 😩😭😭

Onto a baking tray they went and 20 minutes later, they were done.

After waiting an hour for each piece to cool it was then time to decorate. 

Here’s the final product…

Not exactly an image of perception. Each side was a different length somehow (don’t ask me 😭) one side cracked in half and I feel that you need to do this with a spare pair of hands to help you prop the pieces up. 

As you can see I used a lot of icing to make it look a lot more appealing. It didn’t work. 

Well I can’t wait to try it regardless. Do you guys enjoy cooking? Have you made any gingerbread yet!?? Let me know in the comments below!! I’d love to read about it! 

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Lots of christmasy love,

NatalieCharmaine xx