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#Top10 Things you missed as a child at Christmas. 

Aloha Beauties, 

With Christmas Day fast approaching and with it also being my daughters first Christmas, I have a lot to prepare for. 

As I’m using Pinterest to my hearts desire to figure out how to make Cerys’ day that much better, it’s taking me back to my childhood. It was magical, but there were a few things that I didn’t quite realise until now. 

Some of them I found quite funny. So here goes, my top ten list of things you missed as a child at Christmas.

1) Wasn’t it strange how the main man of Christmas, Father Christmas always seemed to wrap your presents in the same wrapping paper your parents used?

2) Totally believing your parents when they said that Father Christmas wouldn’t come until you went to sleep. Yet everyone else were allowed to stay up? And they still got what they wanted for Christmas 🤔

3) I never did quite understand why I had to jot down the page numbers of all the things I wanted from santa in the Argos catalogue. 

4) when a label on a gift was from mum and dad, but dad had no idea what it was or how much mom had spent on you. Looking back, I never gave two thoughts about why my father was asking me what I had, now I just think, ‘hang on, you should know what I have. It’s a gift from you?’ 🤔 

5) Santa has eight reindeers. So why did my mother only let me leave one carrot? And always for Rudolph as well? #SPOILT 

6) How lethal were the sprouts though? “Eat your sprouts or santa will take back all your presents.” 😭😭😭

7) Every single day of the year it was unacceptable to eat my body weight in chocolate. Yet on Christmas Day it’s absolutely fine?! 

8) Being made to go carol singing so that my elder siblings could earn some extra pocket money, yet not seeing a dime of my earnings. 🙄👌 

9) when your mom made you write out Christmas cards for your class mates. There would never be enough cards to go around. It was always, “no more left in the shop” so you’d have to make a difficult choice of who deserved a card the most. 

10) when your parents used to tell you the ins and outs of Jesus, and what Christmas is really about. In an attempt to make you realise that presents weren’t everything. I appreciate this now I just completely missed the fact that my parents are in no way, shape or form religious? Yet this changed every December? 🙄✋

So what did you guys think? Is there anything I missed? I’m sure I have! If you can think of anything that you missed as a child at Christmas leave a comment. I’d love to know!! 

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NatalieCharmaine xx

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