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Happy ‘great sales’ day…boxing day

Aloha Beauties, 

Today my usually sensibly used plastic is having a mare. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t spend anything as I didn’t need anything. We all know what happens when someone thinks or says that. £200 down. 

 To say I saved a mini fortune would be pretty accurate. I mean I probably didn’t need to buy three rings in the pandora sale but the rings totalled £304 before sale and £115 after! Impressive. 

I only wear one ring at any one time because I hate having too much weight on my hands. Weird I know but having three rings means I have more everyday choice. And who doesn’t like having too much choice when it comes to pandora? Please! 💁🏼

Like I said, I probably didn’t need to buy three rings, like at all but I did buy a few other bits that really did need to be purchased. 

Thanks to a lovely email from mothercare to advise of their latest sale I bagged myself a few deals. 

Cerys’ car seat is getting too small so it was on the agenda to buy a new one. The one I’ve been eyeing up is £90, I had it for £45. That will do us nicely and it will last until she is four years old! 

I also bought a snow suit which Was supposed to be £26 and I paid £13. The last thing I’ve purchased today is a stair gate. As your already familiar, I have a young child and safety is paramount. My little bundle of joy is now deciding she would like to conquer the world so gates are now on the ‘need to buy’ list rather than the want list. Usually priced at £25 each today I managed to get them 2 for £30. Incredible! 

I’ve had many emails today in my inbox. 26% off missguided with code santa26 which includes sale items, can you believe that, then there was river island and new look and for all you beauty gurus, a sexy little email from mac cosmetics offerings 20% off. If I had a bit more dollar in my account I’d probably buy everything. 

The way I see it though, most clothes sites have sales all through the year so I didn’t bother with them. I wish I was rich! 😭😭😭

Pandora however rarely have a sale, so I needed to make the most of this! Also, Cerys needed to have her things as well and of course she’s more important. So, all together I think I’ve done pretty good this year. I saved in total… ££267. 

Have you been hitting the sales today? Let me know what you bought and how much you saved. I’d love to read all your bargains! 

Lots of christmasy love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx 

4 thoughts on “Happy ‘great sales’ day…boxing day

  1. Looks like you scored some deals! We were driving 3 hours today so I only started looking online – a lot of things are sold out already… which is ok because it saves me some money!

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