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52 weeks blogging challange: Meet my family! 

Aloha Beauties, 

I’ve been a little apprehensive about this weeks section of the 52 weeks blog challenge. This week you lovely guys get to meet my family! My struggle is, I’d love to post as much as I can but my family members would rather be anonymous! So instead of indepth details like names and what they look like, I’m just going to post why I love them. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind that! ✌🏼️


What can I say about mother. She is full of beans that’s for sure. She might only be 5ft4 but she definitely could take on anyone in a battle. Most likely a rambling battle!  She talks a lot of unnecessary topics. Sometimes she often starts talking about one thing and ends the sentence with something completely irrelevant. She talks so much she loses her trail of thoughts, but that’s who she is as a person and I love that! Well sometimes I need a break but still, she’s always there when I need her! 


The ruler of the roost. If mom can talk for Wales, my dad can talk for the United Kingdom. Maybe even the world. Definitely a match made in heaven where my mom and dad are concerned. Am I anyway like my parents? Absolutely not. I’m more reserved and their  more, chat until your ears fall off kind of people. My dad has and always will be a work aholic. I think that’s the only similarity we have is our passion of improving ourselves as individuals. He might be a crazy person but he has the biggest heart. 


I have two. One of which I see every now and again. The other I haven’t seen in a long time. He only lives down the road but unfortunately he’s married to a horrible person who refuses to let him be with his family. I don’t hate him for choosing to stand with his wife, I think that’s quite admirable. One day he’ll realise what a horrid person she really is, until then Ill continue to post Facebook messages now and again of my life updates and birthday messages so that he knows after everything, I still love him. He is my big brother after all. My other brother who I see now and again, he lives an hour or two away. Just like mum he is full of beans. He is also very extravagant in his ways. Luckily he hasn’t got anyone tying him down telling him what to do and I feel with this one when he finds the right man for him, he’s going to be the one in charge. Nobodies going to tell him what to do! 

My sister, 

Once a very intelligent person, now she regularly cheers me up with her idiotic statements. Baby brain well and truly bit her on the ass! She’s a strong person inside and out. She wouldn’t hurt a fly but she would defend anyone who she felt was being mistreated. 

My nephews, 

I have 3 in total. My eldest nephew is 19 in a weeks time. Do I feel old? You bet!! He’s also a work aholic too which is nice to see. 

My second eldest nephew is either 8 or 9. I forget. He’s well into his football at the minute. It’s quite annoying. Oh and he likes Pokemon go. Even more annoying. I swear he should go to a drama club. He’s as flamboyant as they get! If he falls and scrapes his knee he could give all of this years oscar winners a run for their money. He’s hilarious and he has a heart of gold! 

My youngest nephew is nearly 5! He is such a caring person and I just know he’s going to be a lovely human being when he’s all grown up. Even though he is the youngest boy he is so head strong. If he fell over and scraped his knee, he’d brush himself down and walk off. When his older brother was being bullied in a soft play club, straight up to the bully he went. He’s crazy! 🙈

My niece,

My niece is only 3 months older than my daughter but you’d swear she was atleast another year older! 🙊my daughter is so tiny compared to my niece. My chunky bear is so cute! She’s currently cutting her top teeth so she’s a mummies girl at the minute but when I’m allowed a cuddle, they are the best. 

My daughter?

Saving the best till last. My daughter I’ve spoken a lot about anyway so I don’t mind posting pictures of her. Cerys is 10 months old now. She’s climbing everything she can see. Shes currently at the stage where you tell her off and she laughs in your face. She doesn’t understand right from wrong yet but we’ll get that drummed into her. I love her to the moon and back. 

Safe to say, even though I often struggle with anxiety and my confidence, my family are definitely a crazy bunch and I have no idea what I’d do with out them! 

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Thanks for reading, 

Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx 

3 thoughts on “52 weeks blogging challange: Meet my family! 

  1. I love this! I definitely want to do one of these blog challenges but I want to wait for a while because i have so many blog post ideas flowing out of me haha
    Thanks for sharing about your family♥

    1. It’s good if you ever stuck on something to write about! I like to post one of these every Friday as a sort of get to know me a bit more. Thank you lovely, your welcome! Xx

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