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52 week blogging challange: Top five places I’d like to visit…

Aloha Beauties, 

Another post regarding the 52 week blogging challange. As always, if you would like to take part you can find details below of how you can join in. 

This week post is all about the 5 places I’d like to visit the most. 

Top 5 places I’d like to visit?! Hmm we’re do I start and how can I narrow this down to my perfect five. 

I studied tourism for a grand total of 5 years.  2 years in 6thform and three years in university. Not to mention I work for a tour operator. I talk holidays for a living.

There are some places I’d love to travel to. Some places I’ve been before but I need to pay another visit because of how much I loved it. 

Let’s get started shall we, 

First up is MIAMI, 

I’ve actually been here already but I went when I was 19, so I was limited to what i could do. Now at the age of 25, I am now able to consume alcohol and enter clubs/ bars and events. One event that I am keen on going to even though my age is probably becoming a concern is Ultra. I’d love to pay a visit to an outdoor event  in the U.K. But I don’t do well in cold/ wet weather. No thanks. I used to love camping as a child. In fact I have some fond memories of this, but the last outdoor event that required camping didn’t go down so well. everyone’s tents got blown away, we had the most rainfall since records began, I came home after just one day because I ended up with a flu! I’m not in a rush to camp out in this kind of environment to watch an act regardless of how fond I am. Listening to music in the heat is my kind of thing now. 😎✌🏼️coachElla seems like a blast too. I wouldn’t Mind giving that a try but I know how much I loved the state of Florida. All those shops, Victoria secret, Sephora, its candy, just generally amazing shops that we don’t have! 

Next up Thailand, 

I’m a sucker for spicey food and one of my favourite dishes is Thai green curry. I’d love to try this in its home country. Cooked by locals. Plus, have you seen those beaches? Paradise! I love culture and adventures and I feel like this is a great place to experience the open. I’m not a massive fan of visiting animals, like elephants, tigers etc because of how they are treated so I would avoid this entirely but apart from this I would absolutely love to travel here! 

Number 3, 

Ask me this question 10 years ago and this option would not have popped up. Thanks to a trip with uni to Switzerland I fell in love with ski holidays. I didn’t necessary ski when I was there but the views were breath taking. I love visiting places that not only look beautiful but have a fantastic history to go with it. This one isn’t destination specific but you get the jist. Austria would be perfect 👌I know I said I didn’t like the cold, but I’d make an acception. Plus, most ski resorts have you staying in toasty warm log cabins anyway. 

Fourth on the list, Iceland.

Again, yes I know I hate the cold but I can explain. Hot springs. In more details… a natural spa of the blue lagoon. Also, there’s a chance of seeing the northern lights. Pretty cool! 

The last one was pretty difficult. With only one spot left I now have to decide which I would most like to visit. Any of the Caribbean islands could have made it, Canada, Mexico, Australasia, south  Africa, but the final destination I’m going with is…. 

Drum roll please…


I don’t think this one needs explaining. It’s the perfect place to unwind. It’s beaches are beautiful. There’s so many adventures you can take and so many different islands to explore. 

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That’s all from me today, thanks for reading lovelies. If you’ve enjoyed please remember to like and or follow if your not already doing so. 

Lots of love,

NatalieCharmaine xx 

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