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Top10: What to expect as an expecting/ new mom. 

Aloha Beauties, 

It’s been a long time since I published my last list. But hold onto your seats…

Here’s another!! 

A top ten list of things to be aware of for new or expecting mothers. 

1) Remember when you could go to the bathroom freely, Whenever you needed to? I suggest you rearrange your lavatory visits to suit that of baby’s nap times. Why? Because otherwise you’ll end up holding in your Erm dinner, for longer than what is deemed necessary! Your gut will also start to talk back to you! 

2) you may find yourself to be more emotional than what you once were. I often find myself crying because I’ve seen someone happy, or because someone looks sad or even because I couldn’t find something that I desperately needed, like chocolate. Sometimes you’ll feel your hormones go crazy like they were when you were pregnant. Okay, maybe not as crazy but still a level of emotion that makes you question your sanity. It’s okay though because we all have a wee cry at rediculius things now and again. So don’t worry you are still amazing! 

3) you will question your life choices a lot. If you go back to work full time like I have, you will think about quitting your job at least 5 times a day. You’ll be too exhausted, you’ll hate the hours, you’ll miss baby too much. Then again, you’ll finish work with full satisfaction that you completed another day at work and your completely over the moon and you get to reward yourself with lots of lush cuddles from baby and a nice little pay check at the end of the month.

4) mini heart attacks, are the norm. Your little ones are more adventurous than bear grills. They will climb, eat and swing from anything. They will fall, but that’s how they learn. So be brave! 

5) you’ll also question how well your doing as a mum. Again, totally normal. Some days you’ll think your being a bad mom but then some days your fine. Being a mum is hard! You may have heard the expression, maternal instints. Well maternal instincts didn’t help me  get up this morning at 6am to start a shift at 8am, with little to no sleep from teething baby. I did that on my own. Again, being a mum is hard so if you don’t think you’ve been bitten by the instinct bug then don’t sweat it. You lean as you go!

6) your child’s health will be your main priority! Clearly! But the slightest sight of a spot will have you running for the nearest glass to do the glass test. It could be heat rash, it could be eczema but you will always assume the worst. It’s not a bad thing though. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

7) You will find a new hatelove level of emotion for people you love, as they try and teach you how to do things there way. My mum for example, argued with me black and blue because I wouldn’t give my child food until she was 6months but the jars stayed 4-6months. It’s your baby. Do what’s right for you! 

8) your child will reach their milestones at a different age to everyone else. It’s not a competition. You still a fab mom! 

9) getting from A-B will be harder than rocket science. A taxi will be too expensive, a car is great… if you have one, but then you have to think about where to park and costs. You could take a bus, but the amount of other moms and selfish people may mean you have to wait patiently for another. I walk. Easier and cheaper! It will also mean that 2 second sprint to the store will take an hour as you have to wrap your child up, put them into and take them in a stroller, and then wait patiently for the evercoming traffic to stop. 

10) you will complete change as a person! But that’s okay. You’ll be emotional. You’ll loose your sanity. You’ll live on next to no sleep. You’ll miss your lie-ins. You’ll be more independent. You’ll try and see the positives. You’ll be optimistic. You’ll pretty much be everything inbertween! Just rememeber. Everyone is different. Your still beautiful inside and out! 

Anyway, that’s all from me today. 

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Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx 

6 thoughts on “Top10: What to expect as an expecting/ new mom. 

  1. Don’t have kids myself but think number 8 is so important! I always hear women comparing their children’s milestones and getting worried if their child isn’t ‘caught up’ with others their age. They’ll get there eventually! Lovely post xx


  2. This is such a great post, I don’t have any children yet but I do work in a nursery and it’s great to see the relationships between kids and their parents! Xo

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