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Valentines Day! Last minute ideas… 

Aloha beauties, 

Today’s post is probably going to consist of a lot of cheesy material. It’s a post devoted to all things lovey Dovey. Don’t have a partner? It doesn’t matter because there’s no reason why you can’t just love yourself! 

Most hotels and restaurants will be fully booked so today’s post is just a rough idea of alternatives. 

So you’ve just realised that valentines is soon. **Alarm Bells** Damn you haven’t arranged anything? Sh*t what can we do? 

Well here’s a few ideas to help you get into the good books… 

1) It goes without saying that every girl (and man) likes to be wine’d and dined. Even if they don’t show it, the way to a heart is through the stomach. 

What to do: ring all restaurants with in your preferred radius. You never know which restaurants will have cancelled reservations or which ones are taking last minute places. 

2) still not able to book a table? 

What to do: get your bums into gear, either order a takeaway or get in the kitchen and cook. Can’t cook? Most supermarkets offer 2 person meal deals, consisting of main, desert and wine. If your afraid you may burn dinner, it’s the thought that counts. 

3) want to book an exciting activity but you think it may be too late? Well that one would depend entirely on the person but here’s a handful of ideas to assist…

Animal lovers – a day to the zoo. 

Food lovers – as above!! 

Makeup lovers – book a makeover at your nearest makeup counter. 

Thrill seekers – hot air balloon? 

Shopaholics – personal shopper

Cuties – build a bear. 

Car lovers – car experience days

Socialists – cocktail masterclass 

Like I said, it would depend entirely on the person. 

Not celebrating valentines this year? That’s fine, there’s no reason why can’t spoil yourself. Buy yourselves something nice. A bottle of wine? A bath bomb? Meal for one? A brand new makeup palette? New clothes? It’s a day of love so love yourself. Like you really need another reason to spend your money! 

Anyway that’s all from me today. If you have any great ideas you’d like to share please comment below! 

Have a nice day, 

Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx 

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