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What’s in my bag? 

Or more to the point, what isn’t in my bag? 

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For Today’s post I figured we’d take a look into the weird and wonderful world of my hand bag. 

The bag itself was a Christmas gift. It’s a black leather bag with snakeskin detail from river island. I’m not a bag lover, I usually request for a brand new bag around Christmas time and it will then serve as my everyday and work bag for the entire year. 

So let’s take a peak inside and see what we can find. 

Deodorant! – I like to walk to work and when I’m powerwalking to and from crèche before I’ve even started walking to work I hate to say but… I get a sweat on. I definitely need this item to be a permanent resident in my bag! 

Perfume- i don’t always take perfume with me because I know I’ll end up wasting product. But still, it’s nice to refresh! 

Makeup- here I have the beautie bakerie lip whip in ‘Bubblegum’ and NYX highlighter in ‘Ritualistic’. I’m not an avid Highlighter replinsher but it’s nice to have the option. Honestly I just threw this in my bag because of its compact mirror so that I could apply my lip whip a little neater. 

Receipts – because I refuse to throw little pieces of paper on the floor like some people. I tend to just stuff them in my bag. These then get forgotten about. 

My purse – because I need somewhere to keep my money 👊🏻

Diary – A much needed life organiser. This plays a big part in letting me know what time I need to get my ass out of bed. 

A dummy/ pacifier – my spare ‘shutterupper’ when I’m riding the bus home late at night and the baby has a little tantrum. I’m on the bus for less than ten minutes but I usually finish work late so that does mean one tired baby girl. 

Loose change – because sometimes it’s too much work to open my bag, and then open my purse just to throw in a couple of pennies. 

Tablets – working in a call centre I usually pick up a fresh virus every week. I usually have some form of cold/flu medication and throat soothers. I also find that caffeine is a major help in battling any unwanted illnesses so if I haven’t had any coffee I do tend to take caffeine supplements. They just help in giving me a boost. A much needed pick me up when you have to deal with people screaming at you for a living. 

House keys – self explanatory. I hope. 

Phone – although my phone is being used to write these posts and take some pictures. It is usually nestled in there at some point. 

And that’s it. My bag is pretty boring but it has everything that I need. If you have a similar post don’t be scared to link it in the comments. Let’s have a nosey in everyone else’s bags ✌🏻

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NatalieCharmaine xx

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