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Aloha Beauties,

Guess who’s been a little preoccupied in the world of primark over the weekend? Mwah! You know when you go in for one specific thing with a clear understanding of, “don’t buy the whole shop” but then you see everything is really cheap and beautiful and everything in the shop is saying “buy me!!”. Yeah that happened. I actually went in with the idea of buying a new thermal mug for my desk job. They didn’t have any to suit my style. Instead I bought pretty much everything else.

So as I was looking for a thermal mug for my desk. I went to the most beautiful place in the world – Primark Home. Possibly their best season in the homes section to date. Primark definitely know what there doing!

So here I have a copper lamp shade for the side of my bed. I loved how abstract it was and it looks lovely in any room with any background. Then I have rose fairy-lights. They let of a trail of red flickering lights and look beautiful on my mirror. Next up, I purchased a fluffy throw. These were only £4 each and at such a good price, I bought two. One was for the sofa, because everyone loves a nice fluffy throw to cuddle up to on those lazy days. The other I use to wrap around my daughter as an extra comforter on colder days. she loves it. Finally we have my “natural pieces”. So I wanted to have some form of fauna to display in my blog pictures but it’s not always easy to get anything fresh. I then spotted the little Aloe Vera plant in a gold pot which makes close up beauty buys 100% times better (my opinion anyway). Last of all is my little green plant candle – again great for pictures that need that little bit of colour.

After splurging in the homes department, I then paid a little visit to the baby clothes section. Cerys’ has a lot of coats but she doesn’t have enough jumpers and cardigans, so you guessed it. She now has Two cute Cardigans, and one new warm jumper. Cerys’ has a million and one T-shirts, but do you think I can find any in the mornings when I’m running around like a headless chicken in the mornings getting her ready for crèche. Nope. so she now has three brand new T-shirts, these are only prices at £1.50 each. Socks are another thing that tend to go missing. is it true that washing machines actually eat socks? I think it might be!! A little bit eager, I also picked up some summer clothes for her. a nice little spotted playsuit and a swimming costume. I’ve been eager to take her swimming for ages. she goes all the time with a grandparents and the only excuse I’ve had since now is work and not having a swimming costume that fits her. Aside from the whole work thing, I no longer have that latter excuse. She also has a brand new pair of jeans. If you’ve seen pictures in my past blogs you’d have seen that I absolutely love putting her in a pair of jeans, these have a nice stretchy waste band and are only priced £3.50 which is incredible for the overall quality. Finally, the last item I Purchased in the baby area was Cerys’ Gold dap shoes. She hasn’t tried these on yet but I can’t wait until she does! How adorable are they!

Last of all was a little splurge on myself. I need socks, because as I’ve mentioned previously… My washing machine is eating them. That’s the only excuse I have anyway. So as these ‘Secret Socks’ as I like to call them were on sale for £2 a pack, I ended up buying two. Finally, the last item in todays Primark haul. My Rose gold pumps. I live in my black pumps, they are possibly the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. When I saw these shoes on the shelves in Primark, I knew instantly they’d be really comfy and I have a bit of an obsession with anything rose gold these days, so I had to buy!

Anyway, that’s enough from me today. If you liked this post, please remember to like and or follow.

Lots of love,

NatalieCharmaine Xx

35 thoughts on “PRIMARK HAUL!

  1. Clearly we have the same taste, I bought them shoes, them socks the throws the lamp and the plants last week, oh yeah and all three tops for my little one lol x

  2. Clearly we have the same taste, I bought them shoes, them socks the throws the lamp and the plants last week, oh yeah and all three tops for my little one lol x

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