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10 Things I’ve learnt being a mom. Sixth months later

Aloha beauties, 

It’s that time of the year where I give an insight into the life of being a mummy-bear to a princess. Im hoping I can do this every sixth months so that when she’s all grown up I can read my blogs and remember how wonderfull my time has been. Well wonderfull-ish. 

So last time I posted something similar, 6 months ago. You can find that post Here. In it I talked about what I had learned in the sixth month that my daughter had made an appearance. I say sixth months, I didn’t actually get round to writing anything until she was 8 months but sixth months on here’s another insight.  Of course this is what I learned for MY child only. 

Of course this wouldn’t be nataliecharmaine blog if we didn’t have a list inserted somewhere….

So here’s what I’ve learned/ experienced six months on. Yes my child is one and I am super sad about it! 

1) feeding time – Cerys has always loved feeding herself but her independence has grown so strong that she will blatantly refuse to accept a spoonful of food from anyone. This even counts for tomato soup. She usually eats her soup with the spoon upside down and in most instances she inevitably throws it in her face. I guess she’s learning but it definitely puts my anxiety into over drive!! 

2) she understands what I say – “where’s your dummy!” Has her looking around the living room to find her beloved shutter-upper. “Can I have a cuddle?” Has her wrapping her arms around me and for added awe she even pats my back. 

3) everything is a walking aid – so I’ve experienced Cerys walk 3 steps before she realised she wasn’t holding anything. She then panicked and sat back down. I was over my parents and there’s not much to grab on before you get to the steps. Instead of crawling she held on for dear life to the… wall 🤦‍♀️ she is nearly there though and has definitely grown more confident. 

4) mamma was adorable…at first. Mamamamamamamamam not so much.

5) it was absolutely adorable when my child started crawling. Not so much when she could crawl to the edge of the bed, turn her self around and anchor her feet to the floor. I have no choice but to get out of bed now. 😩

6) You will never experience stress quite like calming your child in overcrowded places. For my child, it’s like an angel kissed her cheek as she smiles, waves and giggles in her pram as we’re walking to the bus. As soon as she realises I NEED her to be quiet on the bus. Boom! That angel side wonders off to never land. Instead I am left tearing my hair out and questioning my sanity. 

7) what’s mine is hers and what’s hers is also hers. Same as before really. I don’t think this one is coming off this list for a while. 

8) Referring back to number 7 where she believes everything is hers. I have now stopped using the things I want to use like my phone, the remote and even my purse in front of her otherwise little miss angel face disappears once more as she makes fists and screams. Nope. Rather go without my phone all day than risk a tantrum all because I used my phone to send one message. Not doing it. 

9) she now knows what she likes and doesn’t like. Chocolate – hands are straight out. TV remote – straight out. Kisses for mammy? Head shakes vigorously side to side as an attempt to warn me off before she screams. Sometimes even putting her palms up to push me away. She knows! 

10) I’ve also noticed how easily amused she gets and then how she gets bored even quicker. When I pick her up from crèche she’s all smiles. 30 seconds later…Bored now. Doesn’t want to know me. That’s the same for toys too. I pick out a toy that’s she’s fussing over. Do you think she’s looked at it since. Nope. Bored now. 

And that sums up today’s list. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! 

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Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx

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