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Slissie – Yay or Nay?

Aloha Beauties,

As I’m Sat here, full from a cooked breakfast feeling like a beached whale I cant help but feel let down by my greedy appetite. Holidays around the corner but hey so is the local takeaway. Am I right? Actually, just-eat. I really need to block this app! I’ve tried every which way to shift some extra pounds here and there but I can’t. Stop. Eating.

So let me tell you about my latest fad diet. not so much diet but definitely a ridiculous spurge for something that claims can help me lose weight. BUT If it says It will help me lose weight. I’m sold.

The Slissie has been popping up as an add on my social platforms since I can remember. After some umm-in and argh-ing I decided to take the plunge and pull out my card. I actually purchased this around Christmas time, hense the red deco here and there.

The Claim
Cut Sugar in 21 Days: Resist sweet temptation with the UK’s original vapour-free anti-snacking aid.Tasty bursts of vapour-free appetite suppressing flavours to help you cut out sugar.

Cost Break down
So I decided to go for a special Christmas offer that was available at the time. I know. I know. why take so long to write a post? Well in all honesty I just wanted to get better use of my Slissie before I aired my opinion. Anyway…I liked the idea of having more of a festive selection of flavours since I’d be surrounded by full of festive foodies. I believe the same deal is available on the sight as we speak. The starter pack will set you back £39.99 for your slissie, charger and 3 refills. the ultimate pack will set you back £64.99 which seems steep but this will last you 3 months. that’s 9 weeks longer that the starter pack and it includes your slissie, a pouch, a desk stand, charger, stickers (because who doesn’t enjoy stickers?) and 9 refills.

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What I really thought

Packaging was beautiful. simple. too the point. Very much a lovely piece of packaging art work. I liked the idea of having a little pouch to carry my Vapour that we dare not call vapour, because that’s not what it is.. apparently! Also included in the box was different tasting refills. Changing the refills was as easy as 1.2.3. and to use was even easier.

Then came time to try out the snackers miracle worker. At first i didn’t think much of it. I could get more flavour from breathing in the fumes of a scented candle. I found that a single craving had me grasping at my slissie hoping for a miracle. It wasn’t working. Or so I thought. After about 3 weeks I found that I had cut out half the amount of junk food. So does it do what it says it does. Most definitely.

Annoyingly I started a new job in February. The job aspect doesn’t annoy me but the fact that my anxiety got the better of me does. I wasn’t allowed to have my Slissie in the office so snacking in the day became an every day habit yet again.  I really need to get back into a healthy habit, so I will definitely be picking up my slissie. As i said it is a high price tag for something that claims will help lose weight but it works and  who can argue with that.

It’s a yay from me!

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Lots of Love,

NatalieCharmaine xx