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My skincare routine 

Aloha Beauties, 

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen that I have been aiming to publish this post a few days ago. Reality is, an illness, full time work and having a crazy little human to take care of doesn’t really give you much time to do much else. Hense the slowness of posting. 

I will get better one day. ONE DAY!! 

So if you’ve read the blog title this post is going to quite self explanatory. It’s a post about what I apply to my beauty canvas to promote healthier-Ish skin. 

I tend to have a morning and night routine. In the morning I’ll get my skin prepared before I apply my makeup. A clean and refreshed face makes for a much smoother canvas to apply makeup. Of course my night routine is all about taking every inch of makeup off to help combat spots etc. 


First thing I do after I wake up and brush my teeth is wash my face. I don’t like to use soap because I find this dries my skin too much and since I’m a person of dry skin I don’t need to have any further moisture drawn from my skin. Instead a quick splash of warm water and a fresh clean facecloth is used. I then lather up some face scrub into my wet skin so that it breaks up easily and helps get rid of dead skin. Then I take my magnitone and with one pump of my garnier cleansing gel I sweep across my face until my magnitone completes its cycle. Once that’s completed I once again splash my face to remove any bubbles and using my giant cotton pads I then use my garnier cleanesing lotion to once over my face to remove any dirt I may have missed. Last of all for my morning routine is a quick fix of skin oil. Like I said, I have dry skin. Sometimes I can use a foundation that is oil based but still isn’t compatible with my skin because of how dry it can get. However using a skin oil works miracles when I’m having a not so good skin day. 

Night time…

Slightly different but almost the same. I am what people would call a night time showerer. Some people would say showers wake them up but for me they relax me. So after finishing work and Rhys is finally home to look after the baby I whined down by jumping in the shower and completing my skin care in there. Bliss. I’ll use my face scrub to get rid of as much dead skin built up over the day and instead of using my magnitone I’ll use the gel on my hands and rub in. Too much use of the magnitone will make my skin flare up because it’s so powerful so I avoid over useage as much as I can. After I’ve come out the shower I dry my skin and add a small amount of moisturiser to cover my face to once again combat dryness 

I sometimes feel that I use to many rpducts but as a result of using the right products for me I have seen a massive improvement on my skins texture. It’s not as dry as it was before and it is less prone to spots. Some days I have a ‘I’m too lazy’ sort of day and I’m not overly upset if I forget to inforce my routine but it does make a difference when I follow a routine that my skin requires. 

Anyway, that’s all from me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed. Don’t forget to like and or follow my blog if you haven’t already done so. 

Lots of love 

NatalieCharmaine xx 

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