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Get ready with me…and a baby! 

Aloha Beauties, 

It’s been a while since I blogged about something to do with anything makeup related. Of course last week I posted my skincare routine but nope nothing about my makeup. 

So I figured since I love my makeup so much and I’m constantly moaning about how life is hard when you work a full time job and have a child. I thought I’d let you all into my life this morning so that you could see for yourself exactly what it’s like to get ready for work in the mornings when you have an overactive crazy little princess ruling the roost. 

I apologise in advance for my lack of hairstyling and my ugly oversized shirt. I had just woken up!

First off. I start my priming my face. Now I don’t tend to go for official primers because these tend to be made for those wth oily skin. I find that the primers are there to minimise oil but since I lack oil on my skin I’m just left with bone dry skin after using it which does not go well for my makeup application. So no primer for me. Instead I use face oils. Today I’m using a hydrating face oil by coconut rose which smells like Turkish delight! Yum! 

By the way, I wanted you guys to know exactly how hard it is to get ready so I’ve even captured how difficult it was to take simple flat lays this morning. Keep an eye out for more pictures with tiny arms!! 👍🏻


At this point I’m not too worried about getting this on my face incorrectly because it’s only clear oil. It doesn’t really matter too much if I put too much on because I can just wipe it off. Of course I still have a beady eye on little miss wiggle pants in case she decides she wants to pour out the bottles entire contents. 

Next up is my foundation and concealor. Getting a bit scarier now. There could potentially be a makeup fiasco. 

For my dry complexion I have to wear a foundation that is moisture rich and oil based. If it’s not oil based I don’t want to know. BB creams and buildable foundations are said to be good for my skin type but they also have no coverage so…. it’s a nope from me. Today I’m using Bobby Brown, Moisture Rich Foundation and NARS Radiant Creme Concealor in Chantilly, love that name. 

Cerys has gotten into the makeup spirit and at this point is trying to find makeup within ease of reach and makeup brushes so that she can put makeup on too just like her mammy. 

Next up I have to try and carve some form of miracle out of these cheeks. So using the smashbox shape matters palette, I use the contour powder to try and give my self some cheek bones. I then attempt to put some life into my complexion by bronzing me cheeks and temples. Using the same pallete I then use the same bronzing powder on the outer corner of my eyelid because it’s a nice warm colour. I then addsome more character by adding shade Champagne in the inner corners. 

And here is how I actually applied it….

Next up is some mascara, I used  soap and glory although I’m not overly enthusiastic about what mascarra I use. They all do the same trick.  I then use sleek illumination in Cuba on my cheeks as blush and then set everything with NARS Setting powder.


Cerys at this point just wanted to dip her fingers in the powder and wanted to eat my mascara. Sad time. 

To finish my look I simply add a quick swipe of BueatyBakerie lip whip on my lips and use BECCA highlighter in champagne pop. 

And guess who threw my already crumbling highlighter on the floor causing it to open and have all it’s contest smear into the carpet. You guessed it. 👍🏻 I love my child. I love my child. I love my child. 

Woohoo we’ve finished. Now I have to put my hair up in a ponty tail and stick some work clothes on. I then have to get baby ready. As I’m getting her ready I realised she’s attempted to colour in her legs with all kinds of lipsticks etc. Great. But once that’s all off we get ready for another fun day at work and crèche and then… off we go. 

We did it!! 

Anyways guys that’s all from me today. Thank you for reading. Remember to like and or follow my blog if your not already doing so! 

Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaie xx 

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  1. I can barely get my makeup on in time – I can’t even imagine getting ready and juggling a baby at the same time! Your makeup looks great! 😀

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