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Foundation Fails

Aloha Beauties, 

How is everyone? Hope your all doing well!

Welcome back. I’ve missed you! 

Today’s post came to mind after cleaning up my makeup bag. If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that getting ready in the morning for any event, even if it’s just getting through the door, is a massive task. It is one that has my child copying my every move and with that comes the tantrums of not being able to have anything that she wants like makeup brushes, makeup and hair stuff. Basically anything that I need in the morning. It definitely means I have a bit of a mess on my hands that I have to add to my list of things to do. Yaaay! 

Anyway, before I drift off… so as I was putting my makeup into my makeup bag, I couldn’t help but laugh. Why? Because the amount of foundation empties and well non touched I have is rediculous. Some I absolutely hated but refused to buy ever again because they were terrible. Some of which I put up with because of the price tag! Some I just couldn’t deal with regardless of price tag.

These foundations were bearable but nothing that blew my mind. Definitely a fault on my part. Dry skin is my downfall in life. No matter how much I moisturise I always have dry patches – go check out my skin routine Here if you don’t believe me. (Self promotion at its best 😘)

I had been using a safe brand before my pregnancy, which was Rimmel. A great brand and I still go back to it all the time. After I gave birth my skin just didn’t like my rimmel foundation. It broke my heart. When I say it didn’t like my skin. I mean my usual foundation that covered up every inch of negativity, just added to the impurity of my skin. Yep, red blotches were being made worse and my nose looked like it could crack right off. Not a good look. Thankfully my skin routine has meant that it is compatible with my old favourite. Amazing. But during my bad phase I had to try and find something that would be a great match. I didn’t know much about skin types because I had always been a ‘normal’ skin kinda gal. 

I first looked into what other people where buying and adding to their makeup collection. Which is where my first bad foundation comes into play. 

Before you read any further I just want to point out that this is only my opinion on the foundation for my skin and does not reflect my opinions of the brand itself. 

So first up we have smashbox. Their highlighters are to die for and the #SHAPEMATTERS pallete is something I live by. Their liquid halo HD foundation however is not. 

I was edging more towards this product because of the price. In all honestly I figured  with a higher price tag, it will be less flawed. Yes, maybe a little less flawed than the rest of the foundations on this list but not quite remarkable. It seemed like a good start because it’s supposed to be buildable. It’s not. I suppose it could be if you didn’t have dry skin but as it says on the bottle itself, it’s an oil free product. Dry skin + oil free = disaster. Nil Pwa 0️⃣

Next up, is MAC studio far and body foundation.

I opted for this rather than any other foundation on their website because I knew that this would be buildable. It is a lot more workable but buildable? Not so much. It’s weightless and buildable because it’s like water. If you have blemishes you may as well not put anything on at all because this will do nothing. Well it didnt for me anyway. It’s okay though if your skin is radiant. Definitely avoid on your chocolate eating, mood swing influenced, emotional rollacoastet week. If you get what saying πŸ’”

Next up although it isn’t a foundation and yes I am fully aware of this, is Anastasia Beverly Hills Creme Contour Kit. I wanted this to be on my list because I know a lot of people out there would use this as a full coverage face base.  

Why did I buy it? Because it’s ABH and it’s beautiful and well because I’m an idiot. This was like putting chalk on my face. Imagine dragging a chalk on to a pavement. Now try to picture yourself blending any harsh lines. That was what it was like when I tried to blend this into my my skin. Pretty but not for me! 

Finally we have my least favourite foundation. EstΓ©e Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place makeup. 

I added this to my makeup bag because it was suggested. It was on a post that I had seen about what the top foundations were for full coverage. I imagine this would be fantastic for someone with less damaged skin but for the likes of me and my dry skin… I don’t get it. It cracks on my skin before I have time to even grab a beauty blender. 

Well that’s all from me guys. Thanks for reading. If you liked what you’ve read then please like and follow my blog if your not already doing so. 

Lots of love,

NatalieCharmaine xx

5 thoughts on “Foundation Fails

  1. Aw too bad these didn’t work for you! I know the Estee Lauder foundation is a cult favourite, but I guess it can’t work for everyone.
    I have the MAC Face & Body and I do like for casual days.

  2. I have to say that I’m not crazy about the Smashbox brand, all the way around. I really want to like them because I love their packaging and promotion, but I haven’t found any product I’ve liked yet.

      1. I’ve been using a couple at the moment, I find the Makeup Forever Ultra HD liquid foundation looks great on my dry skin and oily patches only need a light setting, so the foundation doesn’t cake! Also the Armani Luminous silk is my ride or die for a night out. Always looks amazing, doesn’t need powder and still looks like flawless skin! X

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