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Day out!!

Aloha Beauties, 

Hope your all well! How’s everyone’s week so far? 

So it’s not often that I get a day off while the suns out. Call it bad luck if you want but the sun is just never shining when I need it to be. However, the sun definitely had its hat on for the first time ever on my day off yesterday. It was lovely. So as you can imagine I jumped into a full day of activities with Cerys to make the most of such a rare occasion. 

First we woke up super early. Not intentionally but because my one year old child likes to wake up stupidly early even when there’s no need. (Insert violin music here) . To start a healthy breakfast is due. I make me and little miss too lively for this time of morning, some boiled eggs. As if I’ve never given her any food she kicks her legs and waives her arms and snatches her plate from me. I’m trying to teach her not to snatch because I ain’t raising a monster but it’s hard at the minute since she laughs every time I say, “CERYS NO”. Any moms out there with some tips for this, comment. Please. πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ»

Once food was obliterated. It was time for a quick change and to have a mini exploration in the back garden. Move over David Attenborough! I try not to spend to much time in the garden because Cerys is wearing a white top and well I hope I don’t have to explain what happens with grass and white clothes… 

We chill in the garden for about an hour and then head inside. My mom and dad have already said there coming over to treat us to a fun day out with lunch. All I think at this point is, FREE FOOD!! if anyone knows me yet. I love food!! So as there coming at 12, I lie on the sofa with Cerys coaxing her to nap. It worked. I’m a genius. πŸ’πŸΌ

Mum and dad arrive at 12 and we set off. They’ve already planned that we are going to Brewers Fayre. I’ve never been before but they do nice meals and have a play area for Cerys. Again I’m just thinking about food so I don’t even care where we go. 

I’m not allowed to post pictures of my mother because you know, someone might steal her identity or whatever BS she said. I forget. So here’s her back and my little pudding walking in the car park. 

We order our meals and while we wait Cerys and mum explore the play area. Cerys has a new found love for slides now. 

My mom basically made me take loads of pictures of her in a make shift bed because it was ‘cute’ so here’s a picture of that incase you needed to see it… 

Two minutes after sitting my bum down Ina comfy chair so that I can review my second love, a food menu. Mom calls again, “quick Nat, take a picture” ah for god sakes I hope this woman isn’t going to make me take a picture of every little thing. I’m starving here. To be fair on my mom, the next image was extra cute. 

Here’s a picture of Cerys attempting to colour… 

Finally our food came. I went for a chicken and chorizo pie with mash and side salad. It was delightful. Cerys had pasta and a bit of everything from everyone else’s plate. She loved it. 

Here’s a picture of Cerys ebjoying her dindins…

I didn’t take a picture of my meal because… I ain’t got time for that πŸ‘Ž I was too hungry and I forgot. Basically. 

So after our food it was time to head home. Mum n dad stayed with us for another half hour then left. Cerys had so much fun she had a 2 hour afternoon nap. She was exhausted bless her. 

To finish off the day and again to make the most of this nice weather, we then opted (or rather I made Cerys come along with me) to hit the shops! No pictures of this but I’m sure my latest purchases are going to make it into a favourites post very soon 😏. 

So that was our day off in the sun. It was lovely. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Please like and or follow my blog if you haven’t already done so. 

Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx 

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