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A money saving guide to Magaluf…

Aloha Beauties, 

Bit of a theme going on here for this weeks blog posts. While I’m reliving my holiday in sunny Majorca I figured I’d write as many posts as I can while the memories are fresh in my mind. 

So Magaluf can be an expenive place if your not too familiar on where to shop and where to go for cheaper deals so hopefully this will help you if your thinking of travelling in that direction anytime soon.

What to do?? 

So it goes without saying that the best way to save money on holiday is to do the free things in life. However this does mean that you will be rather limited to your hotel and the beach but hey A pretty penny saved is better than nothing right? But for those of you who want to see more of magaluf, here’s a few extra tips. 
1) check to see if your hotel has discounts to local attractions. Most hotels have 25%off at Katmandu which believe it or not is heaps of fun!! 

2)It’s best to pay for event tickets in advance. Not only because events sell out fast but because the prices will increase significantly if there is a lot of interest. 

3) if your over 17. Avoid the boat parties. There I’ve just saved you €50. Your welcome. No honestly if slapping people is your idea of fun crack on. Or if your a lover of 200 people being crammed on the top deck of a tiny boat with a shit dj while some legend lad comes up to you to tell you “your drinking with the wrong hand, DRINK 🤙” then sure! Enjoy! 

4) MCP sounds like a bargain. €39 euros for free entity into 5 bars. Then you realise one of these is a lap dancing bar. Then you realise that they haven’t counted any tickets or paid any attention to their clubs capacity so you have to leave mid way though because you nearly got trampled on. The paint party was probably the most disappointing moment of magaluf history as they attempted to throw cups of paint on the dance floor yet I was practically pinned to the ceiling. No paint. No fun. Waste of money. Don’t waste your breath😷

5) some trips to Palma will cost almost €30 euros if you book through a ticket office. It will cost you €3.10 one way if you use the public bus! 

Where to shop? 

For booze? My favourite place is either the supermarket opposite BCM or another supermarket opposite juniors pub. (Not too far away from katmandu, the upside down house). Aldi is good for prices too but they don’t have as much option! 

For food? Aldi without a doubt. I purchased a tin of olives, bottled water, a can of lemonade and a tuna bake pasty for €1.50 yet, anywhere else this would of cost at least €7. 

Souveniers – this depends mainly on what type of souveniours your looking for. Airport souveniours are beyond expensive and some shops close to the larger hotels up their price just because some people are too lazy to shop around. Do your own research and make a mental note of what you love and the price so that if you see something similar you’ll know whether it’s a good price or not. 

Nights out? 

1) Again, book your events in advance. 

2) negotiate with the promo staff for free drinks etc. 

3) free entry isn’t necessarily a good deal. So don’t get too excited. 

4) predrink. A lot. 

And finally. 5) always request for all inclusive drink deals where possible! 🙌
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Lots of love,

NatalieCharmaine xx