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How to: Floral name sign 🌺

Aloha Beauties, 

If you haven’t already figured this out, I am a bit of a glitter junkie. So for my first arts & crafts project, I inevitably incorporated grains of shimmer to my 1st publicly visible DIY post.

Soon to be a sleeping beauty in her own sleeping quarters, my 15 month old daughter’s bedroom needed redecorating – sharpish.

I’ve seen a lot of name signs for children’s bedrooms but none that I admired. None that I would happily hand over some £££’s for. Then I had an idea to make my own & boy am I pleased with the outcome.

To make this yourself you will need the following items: –
1) Mache letters! you can buy these from your local arts and crafts suppliers. I purchased 20cm sized letters at £2 each.

2)PVA Glue 

3) A paint brush or spatula

4) lots and lots of glitter

5) Artificial flowers! you can purchase 20 foam rose heads for £2 at:

(I used 3 packets of foam roses and purchased individual sunflowers, lillies etc but you can use what ever flowers you like) 

6) Glue gun – if you don’t already own one of these, you can purchase one from Hobbycraft for just £5. 


1)First you’ll want to cover each Mache letter in PVA Glue using a paint brush or spatula & then it’s time to sprinkle that glitter over each letter until they are completely covered.

2) while this dries, take out your artificial flowers and cut off all the stems (I kept the stems on the tulips). 

3) Once the letters have completely dried, its time to take out your glue gun. Before gluing anything down, I would highly recommend that you lay out your design before commiting to your chosen design – yah know just in case! Once your happy with your design, all you need to do now is to glue everything down.
and voila, there you have it. Homemade décor fit for a princess.

It really is that simple, and just look how beautiful it turned out. #impressed!! 

Thanks for checking out my post today 😘 if you have any diy posts your proud of, share them in the comments. I love a good arts and crafts read. 

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Lots of love

NatalieCharmaine xx 

11 thoughts on “How to: Floral name sign 🌺

  1. This is a lovely idea… I’m a ‘bling’ girl myself so this fits my ‘perfect’ DIY objective… I’ve just heard that they’ve opened up a shop in my local shopping Town Centre that MAKES glitter.. I’m going for a visit very soon! I love the finished effect of your name board.. what a lovely bright and sunny piece of art for your baby girl to gaze at! x

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