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A review of my Hotel: Sol Wave House. 

Aloha Beauties, 

So as the last 3 posts have been inspired by my last holiday it’s only fitting that I do a review on the actual hotel that I stayed in.

So I spent 7 nights in the sol wave house hotel run by the Melia group. Majorca was the resort. 

Now I’m not in any shape or form what people may consider to be a snob or a nose turner. I’ve stayed in hostels, 2star hotels, and 4&5 stars. You pay for what you get and I’m totally okay with this. I wouldn’t expect miracles at a hostel, you know! I definitely expected a lot more from this hotel. Especially because of the ridiculous price. 

The hotel description as per its official website reads: 

Located on a beautiful sandy beach, the Sol Wave House offers stylish and fun-packed vacations. With a fantastic artificial wave pool and DJ sessions, guests can enjoy a variety of exciting on-site activities.

One of the main features is the Wave Entertainment Area with stunning sea views and cool ambience. Have a drink on the terrace, next to the pool or on one of our Bali beds * (with charge) and catch up with friends as you listen to our DJs playing the best sounds and rhythms.

(*) With additional charge.

Is it on the beach? Yes. Stylish? Yeah definitely! Fun packed? Nope. Not all all. Let me explain a bit more. The hotel is generic in what it has to offer. Sunbeds, pool, music. It has one thing that it’s competitors does not. A wave machine. I’m not going to write too much about that because I wasn’t ballsy enough to give it a go so it wouldn’t be honest feedback if I tried but I guess a lot of people looked like they enjoyed it. So I guess it was okay? 

I’d rate the facilities a 4/10. The infinity pool was lovely because it was constantly being filtered, but the bottom pool was constantly oily and had a thick grubby layer marking the sides 🤢.

The music was vile. Like imagine when you used to have CDs and they used to stick!! Well at the pool, it sounded like the  music was sticking so you had just 2 “beats” (I’m no music expert) and they would then play the same beats on repeat for 3 hours a time. All the while someone pretending to be a dj fronts the decks and bops up and down like they’re having the time of their life. 

The sunbeds annoyed me the most. If you weren’t staying at the hotel then you had to pay to use the sunbeds. First off, why open the sunbeds and pool to the public anyway? Secondly you had to prove you were staying at the hotel every time you put a towel down on a sunbed. I can’t justify carrying my room card with me everywhere and being interrogated by the pool staff. Obviously it’s okay if your just planning on catching a tan because you’ll be close to your belongings. But where on earth am I supposed to stick my card when I want to go for a dip in the pool? 

Little suggestion for the hotel here – get bands for your guests for god sakes! 

It does say that there is an extra supplement for the Balibeds. What it doesn’t say is that these cost €45 euros to hire out and are the only beds near the pools! So good luck with your stuff if you all want to jump in the water and your not up for paying this. 

Oh there was a jacuzzi too but we had no idea if this was for VIP and we didn’t want to have any additional charges!! 

Moving on to the hotel room! I’d say I’d rate the rooms a 6/10 

Rooms were quite spacious. More to the point…there was a lot of storage for all of our crap! There was a lovely little kitchenette, rooms were large and the view from our room was fab! We had the view of the strip so we could identify when it was suitable to, how you say, “paint the town” as well as a lovely view of the Majorca sea. 

What I didn’t like so much? The fact that we had to use the bin in the bathroom to stop the bathroom door swinging open when you had to, well, use it. Lock didn’t work 🙄

It wasn’t so nice coming back to the room with a nice clean room. Only to realise the sheets weren’t actually changed and sand is still very much clinging to your every inch. 

The microwave was faulty. And the staff were rude about it. I had to laugh at the response we got though. A little insight into that convo between my friend and the receptionist.

Beth (friend) – I was making food and the microwave switched off after 30seconds. There’s no power. 

Staff – if you want something cooked for longer than 30 seconds you need to put it on for longer. 

Beth – yes. I do realise I need to put the microwave on for longer if I need it For longer. There is no power. 

I then spent ten minutes cry laughing because the staff assumed British people couldn’t use microwaves. Oh after telling the receptionist, that yes we would need someone to look at it, we had a handyman sent to our room. Woohoo.

Woud I stay here again?

Probably not. The location was probably the only thing I found to be ‘worth the money.’ 

Anyway, that’s all from me you wonderful readers. Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve liked what you read, don’t forget to like and or follow if your not already doing so.

Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx