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Full face of I wants

Aloha Beauties, 

How are you all on this fine day? I did something remarkable yesterday. I went to work…without make up on. Are you shook? It was so hot that I couldn’t even bring myself to put on another layer on my face!! No thanks. You know what was even more remarkable? Nobody noticed anyway. I was half expecting people to fall off of their seats in work or to at least ask me if everything was alright? Nah nope nada nothing not a thing. I think I may have been over exaggerating in my head how important makeup is incase I scare people with my ugly mug but I might have been wrong. Might have been. 

Anyways before I go on a tangent about this glorious weather here comes today’s post…

So we all have a wish list. The list of things we want for our birthday, Christmas or even an instagram list of things we’re currently crushing over. I figured since there is a lot of makeup brands out there that I do want to try, why not do a full face wish list?!! So here goes. 

As you all know, I’m not a fan of primer. They are useless for me and my skin type. Instead I opt for hydrating face oils. I’d love to use the hydrating stick by MILK. It looks like something that would be so compatible with my skin and there are so many good reviews out there I don’t feel like this one could go wrong. 

 Next up is the all important blemish coverupper. The foundation. If you’ve Seen my previous post you’ll know how much hassle I have finding a perfect match. However, I have seen people with dry skin rave about the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Its definitely on my ‘things to review’ list.

Concealer. I’d proberly opt for Urban Decays Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, as they have a wide range of colours  to choose from. I like to have the palest shade available for my nearly invisible skin! 

Next up is a bit of a confusing one. Again, if you read my last post you’ll know that I had a very hard time getting Along with the ABH contour palette. However, it was the creme formula. Since I love their other products and know full well they make some good stuff I would like to try out their contour pallete one more time but this time opting for the powdered option instead. 

For blush? I would love to add the too faced Sweathearts blushes to my collection. They appear to have a nice suttle colour that won’t make me appear to be some form of night walker. 

Now comes my favourite part of makeup , the eyeshadow. Again, a company that has been raved about by the masses, except for me because I haven’t got any of their products is HUDA and how could you not fall head over heels in love with their palletes?!!! 

Finding the perfect mascara isn’t something I’ve really lost any sleep over. Saying that, recently I have found my normal mascara (soap and glory) to be quite irritating for my eyes. It’s normally good but as soon as a tiny spec of mascara gets into my eyes, they burn like a b*tch. Now again, not a massive mascara whore but the Lancôme hypnotic mascara looks incredibly beautiful. 

To help set everything, I do like to use a translucent powder. Now I’ve used smash boxes and it was a big no no. It’s now sitting in my makeup bag of regrets. The makeup I paid too much for to just throw away. However, I recently tried a translucent powder from NARS and it was really good. I’d love to get my hands on the Laura Mercier version.

A look is never complete for me unless it looks like I’ve been kissed by the shimmer god. Highlighter has become a big part of my my life. Another MILk product I’d love to get my hands on is their Holgraphic Stick. Look how beautiful it is!! 

And finally, once everything else on my face is complete and I’m no longer looking like the backend of an elephant it’s time for some lip colour. For this once I couldn’t settle for just one colour but I did stick to the same brand. Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick. I followed Jeffree back when he was on MySpace and he’s always been such a crazy amazing person. He clearly has talent and an eye for good quality so I know I’m going to love his products. 

And that completes my list of ‘I wants’. Hope you had a good time reading and I hope I’ll get to see you soon. 

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Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx

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