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Autumn ASOS wish list

Aloha Beauties, 

I’m ashamed to say,  I’ve not posted a single thing in over a month. Well, I mean I did write that tiny little thankful note for my first blog birthday but that’s it. I’ve been trying to get into the swing of things but work has had me down in the gutters and the last thing I’ve wanted to do is write and be cheerful. Well I’ve finally reached a stage where I can appreciate the job. Kinda. Anyways without going into too much detail and giving terrible excuses as to why I’ve been a 💩 💩 blogger, let’s get stuck into today’s post. 

I wrote something like this last year and let’s be honest a wish list is just that, a wish. I didn’t get my hands on either of those items but I had a lot of fun writing about the things my bank account would cry over. 

So let’s have a looksie into what I’m living for from ASOS autumn 2017!! 

Legs Eleven 

Let’s talk about trousers. Sounds boring but for someone who has to wear skirts/ dresses to work, it’s lovely to see some stylish,”work” trousers. Oh and just to pre-warn y’all, there could possibly be too much stripe going on. Is that a mum thing? Who knows! 

First up are these gorgeous Mansy peg trousers. I like how comfy they look and I love the colours. I feel like I could wear these to work and still enjoy them on my days off. I like how there not too over the top but they still have a bit of character. Top pair are currently on sale at £24.50 and the bottom pair are £35. 

All or nothing! 

Following on from ‘boring’ trousers is my list of all in ones. The jumpsuit.

First up, again I apologise for the theme here but STRIPED Bershka Batwing jumpsuit. Just look how cute. I mean it would probably look like a bin bag on myself but I’m loving it on this ASOS model.  Currently £25.99

Next we have a mustard coloured jumpsuit that I am deeply in love with. I’m all done with short shorts and suck in your gut dresses, give me a cute mustard jumpsuit to wear on a night out anytime! Just imagine, a few cocktails with your friends wearing this classy little autumnal number. £80

Cosy comforts 

If you paid attention to my blog last autumn, you’ll know that there are two colours that have my attention around this time every year, red and yellow. So imagine how delighted I was when I managed to find these beauties. The top is £35  and the bottom is £22

Shoes glorious shoes!!

Next up, shoes! The piece of clothing that makes the outfit. Personally I love a good winter boot this time of year, but how could anyone say no to these beautiful little ankle boots!! These Ted Baker Sybell Burgundy ankle boots retail at £160

The unexpected 

A little strange for myself by I can’t help but feel a strong urge to by things in olive green. This ruffled olive green smock top is adorable. This would be something that I would pair with a pair of jeans for a quick and easy casual drink kind of look. Currently retailing at £25

And next are these Pom Pom earings. I didn’t think these would be a thing for me and then of course zoella was seen wearing orange Pom Pom earings m and I was a Pom Pom hater no more. A bit pricey though in my opinion for £24 

Bags for days,

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m always eyeing up bags on asos. Sure enough my eyes we drawn to this sexy little piece. This Burgundy studded tote bag would look absolutely fab with my work outfits as well as with probably everything on this page! This gorgeous number currently retails at: £28

And that’s it. Of course that really isn’t it but if I had to show you everything in my ASOS basket I’d be writing this post for days! BUT these definitely are my favourite autumnal pieces that ASOS have on their website this year!!

What do you guys think? Any key pieces you’d recommend? 

Thanks for stopping by and if you haven’t already please follow. Have a lovely day!!

Lots of love,

NatalieCharmaine xx 

3 thoughts on “Autumn ASOS wish list

  1. It stinks but sometimes life gets in the way especially with blogging! But you came back swinging with an awesome post! I am obsessed with those pants AND that bag! So chic! <3

  2. Those ankle boots are so unique! All these items are so classy and I can see why they’re on your wishlist. Xxx

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