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My Halloween through the years

Aloha beauties,

One of the many great things about having social media is the fact that so many memories are kept together in one place.

For this post, I decided to check out past Halloween costumes worn by me, myself and I.

Unfortunately I don’t have any images of my childhood Halloween experiences. Rather fortunately actually. Who remembers rocking up to the children’s disco in nothing but a black bag, and either a witches nose and cheap witch hat or  vampire teeth that cut your gums and fake blood that stained your skin for days? Glorious.

Kids today have it so easy don’t they.

My Facebook only has photos of me in my scary attire as far back  as 2009 and most looks were recreated a few times to save on student finances…like alcohol.

Here goes, brace yourselves.

My 19 year old self loving her VK a little too much. Here I am probably thinking I’m so cool in my sailor costume. Of course that wouldn’t be very Halloween-ish so a dead sailor it is.

This one was possible my favourite ever costume! This was worn to my first ever Halloween shift at Oceana, Swansea. It was an easy outfit to put together and everything came from eBay. Which included a bottle green unitard, some plastic Ivy leaves, and a red wig. Oh and a whole lot of green makeup. If you haven’t guessed by now, I went as poison ivy.

Then in my second attempt at Halloween for Oceana, I decided to go as a cute/ maybe scary lion. In fact I was just too lazy that year so I opted for a leopard print jumpsuit and a cute hat with cat ears. Not my finest outfits but definitely not my least favourite.

My next outfit for Halloween I didn’t manage to take any pictures. I wish I had as this was the first and maybe last time I ever wore contact lenses. It’s a shame I didn’t take any pictures because I was actually impressed myself with my ability to creat costumes and to apply makeup. So I’ll describe it instead. Before Halloween I had decided to go as a siren (evil mermaid), for this I went to my local primark, picked up a pair of blue wet look leggings (who remembers those?) and a spaghetti strap top in pink. I then headed to my local arts and craft and purchased fabric glue and a shed load of pink glitter. I then turned my wet looks into something spectacular by adding fish scales with the glue and glitter. When it came to Halloween, I opted to wear pink and purple smoked out eyes with white contact lenses. Although the fish net tights trick is only now coming to light, I figured that s@#t out years ago, with pink, purples and green as my go to scale colour and a dark purple for the lip.
My least favourite costume was when I thought it would be a good idea to go as an evil robot. My shameful attempt at drawing cogs onto my forehead did me no favours. I hardly think my onsomble of glittersc jacket and mechanical legs leggings were going to make this look any better.

One year I went as barbie, that was fun. I didn’t quite know how to look like barbie other than blue and pink eyeshadow and a blonde wig. Then I figured why not make tutus for sleeves and wear pink sequin shorts and voila. I still have those shorts in my wardrobe. They don’t necessarily fit my ever growing ass now but I still have them. That was a fun night!

Anyway that’s all from me. As I have decided to give Halloween a miss this year because my little one is too young, too emotional and above all, she is teething like crazy. It’s been nice to reflect on my past experiences.
What do you guys like to dress up as for Halloween? Any funny pictures you’d like to share with us. Leave a picture and a link to your blog below and if you like this content don’t forget to like and or follow.

Lots of love,