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Babies day out!

Aloha Beauties,

So today marks the first post on the new platform. I’ve been putting this off for a while now. Although I’m only changing from wordpress.com to wordpress.org I feel like I still have room for improvement. never the less, I figured that it was time to put my hands to the keys as they should have done a while ago. naughty me.

So what have I got in store for you today? Well as most of my followers will now. I am a full time working mom. recently single also, just putting that out there. perhaps a blog post on that in the future. we shall see. Anyway so…as great it is to say i work full time and have a one year old, they don’t always go hand in hand and i hate to say it but work seems to always get in the way and stop me from having the ‘Fun Factor’ I so crave with my child. Whenever I have a day off from work its normally just one day off and I’m so exhausted, its a pj all day kinda thing.

Yesterday, I figured that heck since the suns shining we should make the most of it. Cerys grabbed her coat and attempted to put her boots on while I rushed to get my S@*t together. its Wales after all, who knows how long we have until the heavens open. In her pram she went, rain covers to hand, just in case and we set off.

Luckily we’re only about a Twenty minute walk from the retail outlet in Swansea. Two minutes by car but I have no idea what there doing with all the roadworks and it is giving me anxiety. Its close to nap time for Cerys so its no surprising that my little Cer-bear is fast asleep cuddling into her blankie. this has only taken her 2 minutes into the journey.

Twenty Minutes later, I’m at Morfa Retail park. I waste no time in heading straight to my favourite shop. TKMAXX!!!!!. my all time favourite bargain palace full of miscellaneous crap I never even knew I wanted until I enter the store. This time however, its time to spoil baby so straight up to level one I go. at first i’m struggling to find anything that looks cute enough for my princess, then I get carried away and can’t seem to put anything back. I must of course. I work full time but I’m not made of money. Here’s what I bought: –

As always, the staff at TKmaxx we’re so friendly and cheerful. I love it in there. I can actually fit a pram in there without having to pivot any sharp corners. nothing gives me anxiety quite like a store with narrow aisles.

Soon after my little shopping stint, it was time to take princess out for food, so Morrisons it was. I opted for a low fat curry since, i’m watching my figure and Cerys had sausage, Yorkshire pudding, mash, peas and gravy. she also had a milk shake, and a fruit bag and I had a Fanta. Not bad for less that Β£6. We had a little bit of a cry because she couldn’t eat her food in a big chair and had to use a baby seat but she soon calmed down after trying strawberry milk for the first time ever.

After food it was time to to a couple of days worth of food shopping, i won’t bore you with that but we did get cakes for cerys to enjoy on her return journey and boy did she enjoy!

We then got home about 6:30pm, it was Cerys’ bed time in an hour so there was no more sugar consumed from this point on. We decided that instead of watching Bing for the umpteenth time, we would settle on a Christmas film instead. She isn’t quite sure what Christmas is or who on earth is this Santa guy is but she loved watching the Grinch with me. Today I asked, Bing or Grinch and she says, “Gish” cutie.

We had lots of fun and although i’m off again today, its raining. We’re stuck in with the an overload of christmas films to watch.

What do you guys like doing on your off days?

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Lots of Love,
Natalie Charmaine Xx